Women's Caucus

As women take on a greater role in our union and our industries, the UWUA aims to develop a road map to address issues that impact women, encourage them to become active as members and officers, and engage women in the workplace

Mission Statement

The Women’s Caucus and UWUA are dedicated to empowering women in the workforce. We will provide communication, education, strategy, and a support system to advocate for equality and economic security for women and their families, as well as promoting a quality work environment.

Vision Statement

To Empower All Working Women to Achieve Economic Security!

The UWUA established the Women’s Caucus at the 30th Constitutional Convention.

“In order to empower UWUA women, we have to address women’s true priorities, create and support formal and informal programs, provide opportunities for women to strategize together, provide training for mobilizing, highlight women’s accomplishments, and provide flexible options for involvement. Think solidarity! Our time is now, Sisters!”

—Valerie King