Photo of Women's Caucus Members
Women’s Caucus members from Region IV offer their committee update in Chicago, IL in August 2022.

UWUA’s Women’s Caucus launched after UWUA’s 2015 constitutional convention with the goal of better representing and elevating women’s voices across the union. The Women’s Caucus is committed to helping locals establish their own Women’s Committees as well as helping women members build their leadership skills. The annual calendar initiative supports the Women’s Caucus’ efforts to pay for training and educational opportunities for women members.

For more information about Women’s Caucus initiatives or how to join, reach out to Women’s Caucus Chair Valerie King at and Co-Chair Ursula Grant at

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Committee Contact Information


NameLocalStateUnion PositionEmail
Ursula Grant1-2 (Region 1)New

Region 1

NameLocalStateUnion PositionEmail
Nicole Wallace-Edgar1-2New
Darlene Arcese369BostonExecutive Board
Donna Johnson601New JerseyRank &
Latrease Williams601New JerseyWC
Barbara Yatauro393New
Kristin Fallon393New

Region 2

DeAnna Hill191PittsburghFinancial

Region 3

NameLocalStateUnion PositionEmail
Holly McLaughlin600OhioVice
Donna (DL)
Kristi GrossholzG-555OhioDistrict

Region 4

NameLocalStateUnion PositionEmail
Diona Desir223Detroit, MIChief
Stephanie Graham223MichiganGas
Bonita Holt223Detroit, MIGas
Shonda Smith-Parker223Detroit, MIWomen's
Bleu Carter223Detroit, MIWomen's
Gretchen Benhardt455/335St Charles, MOFinancial

Region 5

NameLocalStateUnion PositionEmail
Veronica Aguilera511CaliforniaVice