The USA’s mission is to unite the union community through conservation to preserve North America’s outdoor heritage. It’s an organization that millions of union members who hunt, fish, shoot, and love the outdoors can call their own. Today, that vision is stronger than ever thanks to the more than 325,000 union members who have joined and helped build the union-dedicated organization.

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While a shared love of the outdoors helps grow great relationships among USA members, the USA isn’t just about hook-and-bullet pursuits. The USA’s community-based Work Boots on the Ground conservation projects and family-friendly outreach events (and the USA members who volunteer for them) give union members a name and a face.

Those projects improve public access to the outdoors, introduce youth and families to nature, conserve critical wildlife habitats, and restore America’s cherished parks. To date, USA’s union volunteers have completed nearly 300 conservation projects valued at more than $1.8 million and engaged more than 18,000 youth and their families in the great outdoors.

The USA helps fund these projects while uniting union members of all trades for fellowship and fun at sporting clays and trap shoots and conservation dinners across the nation.

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I support the USA because they do amazing projects within the communities their members live in.

— Luis Rodriguez, UWUA Local 455