On July 27, 2019, James Slevin was sworn in as national president and Patrick Dillon was sworn in as national executive vice president along with officers National Vice President John Duffy and National Secretary-Treasurer Mike Coleman and the rest of the executive board.

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Tribute to Mike Langford and Steve VanSlooten

During the convention, UWUA entered a new chapter in our history with the retirement of two members of our organization’s leadership, Mike Langford and Steve VanSlooten. Together, they left an indelible impact on the UWUA. They took the union into the 21st century, secured benefits that have uplifted our members and worked to bring diverse new voices and perspectives into the organization. We thank them for their remarkable leadership, dedication, and solidarity. For more on their impact, check out this tribute video honoring their legacy:

UWUA’s History

Resolutions from UWUA’s 31st Constitutional Convention