Our Committee on Political Education (COPE), established in 1979, is UWUA’s political action arm. The UWUA COPE Fund supports candidates who promote the principles and values of working families on issues such as organizing, safety, worker rights, and energy policy.

UWUA only contributes money our members voluntarily give to the COPE Fund to federal, state, and local elections. No membership dues are used for political contributions.

Who contributes and what are the reporting/compliance requirements?

Under the law, the COPE Fund is a separate segregated fund with contributions made on a voluntary basis. This means that COPE contributions are not co-mingled with the UWUA dues or our general fund. The National union follows state filing requirements and submits monthly Federal Election Commission (FEC) Reports of Receipts and Disbursements.

Why does UWUA get involved in politics?

Political support for organized labor can make an immense difference in the wages and working conditions of our membership. The UWUA COPE Fund makes contributions to candidates based on their policy positions and votes, not based on political party. The UWUA COPE Fund makes contributions to Democratic and Republican candidates. Our union is non-partisan when it comes to politics, and very partisan when it comes to the interests of our members, their families, and communities.

How can I, as a utility worker, contribute or get involved?

Many of our local unions have COPE contribution check-off authorization agreements with their respective employer, meaning the COPE contribution is automatically deducted from their paycheck. You can also make a direct contribution to the UWUA COPE Fund.

For more information about how to contribute to UWUA’s COPE fund, reach out to UWUA’s Director of Government Affairs Lee Anderson at landerson@uwua.net.