Photo of Safety Director Scotty MacNeill and Region IV Safety Committee Members
Safety Director Scotty MacNeill along with Region IV Safety Committee members Will Breton, Leroy Huckleberry, Gretchen Benhardt, Rick Langenderfer, Dean Wymer, Erin Finch, and Ben McCrumb.
UWUA’s Safety Committee advocates for all members working in the utility sector. Committee members, led by Safety Director John “Scotty” MacNeill, convene regularly to discuss ways to raise awareness of best safety practices, share ideas for how to prevent workplace injury and illness, and offer support to locals that want to improve and take ownership for their own on-the-job safety. The Safety Committee’s training and educational programming is available to any local that’s interested.

For more information about how the Safety Committee can support your local union, reach out to John “Scotty” MacNeill at, or contact your industry’s safety representative.

UWUA Safety Representatives

Listed by industry and region


RegionNameEmail Address
Region IBrian Hannon (Chair)
Region IJason
Region IDenise
Region IIMark
Region IIIDavid
Region IVErin
Region IVBen
Region VRay


RegionNameEmail Address
Region IJalah
Region IIJesse
Region IIIScott
Region IIITamara
Region IVWill Breton (Chair)
Region IVLeroy
Region IVSean Gaurige
Region VMercurio
Region VJohn


RegionNameEmail Address
Region IRonnie Brooks, Jr., (Chair)
Region IIHeather
Region IIICliff
Region IVGretchen
Region IVDean
Region VCecil