Union Sportsmen Alliance

UWUA is a union partner to the Union Sportsmen Alliance. We provide financial and promotional support, and our encourage our members to take part in this wonderful organization.

Educate. Conserve. Volunteer.

More than six million active and retired AFL-CIO union members hunt, fish or shoot. Collectively, they make up the largest constituency of sportsmen and sportswomen in North America. Being a sportsman or sportswoman isn’t something they do; it’s who they are. And when they’re not on the job, they’re usually spending their time with family, friends or union brothers and sisters on the water, in the woods or in the field enjoying America’s great outdoors.

As a union-operated, union-dedicated, 501(c)(3) conservation organization, the Union Sportsmen’s Alliance (USA) is committed to uniting these millions of union sportsmen and sportswomen into one community with a shared commitment to educate future generations of sportsmen, conserve healthy wildlife habitat and volunteer their time and skills for projects that improve access to quality places to hunt, fish and shoot.

Through its vibrant multimedia program, dynamic programs and events, and uniquely designed place-based conservation efforts, the USA is connecting union members on a lifestyle level to create solidarity through the great outdoors and help preserve the outdoor way of life that defines North America.

Union Sportsmen Alliance