In Memoriam

Remembering Those We've Lost to COVID-19

With heavy hearts, we share the names of our brothers and sisters who have passed away during this pandemic. We send our condolences to their fellow members, families and friends and dedicate ourselves to keeping their memories alive.

If you are aware of others who have passed away who are not listed here, please e-mail Safety Director Scotty MacNeill at

      • Joe Caradona, Local 1-2
      • Adrian Phillips, Local 1-2
      • Rickey Allen, Local 1-2
      • Frank Vivola, Local 1-2
      • Sherry Green, Local 223
      • Eddie Miller, Local 223
      • Otis Loper, Local 223
      • Luis S. Claris, Local 1-2
      • Patrick McGuire, Local 1-2
      • Lewis Gugliemo, Local 1-2
      • Earl Kidd III, Local G-555
      • Reginald Brown, Local 223
      • James Johnson, Local 1-2
      • Bill Gavalek, Local 270