UWUA Talks FUTURE ACT, Coal and Carbon Capture on The Union Edge

Director of Governmental Affairs, Lee Anderson, was recently on air with Charles Showalter, host of The Union Edge, to discuss UWUA's support for carbon capture, the Future Act, and organizing in the energy sector.

As an extension of our efforts to support the coal industry through the further development of carbon capture, utilization, and storage, UWUA has endorsed the introduction of a bipartisan bill the FUTURE Act — which stands for “furthering carbon capture, utilization, technology, underground storage and reduced emissions”, which would provide tax credits for the capture and sequestration of carbon emissions from electricity generation facilities and industrial sources, for direct air capture technologies, and for carbon utilization.

UWUA’s Director of Governmental Affairs took to the airwaves to discuss the union’s support for the bill, along the future of coal, carbon capture and organizing in the energy sector.

Listen to the interview here