Local 423 Ratifies New 4-Year Contract

Local 423 members ratified a new 4-year collective bargaining agreement negotiated between the Union and New Jersey American Water.

The contract was ratified at a Special Membership Meeting and Ratification Vote on Tuesday night, February 2, at the Somerville Elks Lodge. Before the vote, the Union Negotiations Committee reviewed the Memorandum of Agreement and opened the floor for Q&A. The Committee also reviewed the Drug and Alcohol Workplace Practice document and fielded all questions about this practice. The Negotiations Team unanimously endorsed and recommended ratification of the new agreement, a 4-year pact from Feb. 1, 2016 to Jan. 31, 2020 that provides 9% in wage increases over the life of the contract.

Message from Local 423 President Mike Esposito

UWUA logoI would like to take this opportunity to thank every Local 423 Member for the support that you gave to the Union Negotiations Team. I would also like to thank our Shop Stewards and other Union Representatives for their commitment to service to their fellow Union sisters and brothers. Your work does not go unnoticed. Also, I would like to extend special thanks to the Members of the Negotiations Committee for their assistance, dedication, and vital work and services during the collective bargaining process.

We often say that the Union is the Membership. This was never more evident than during this round of contract negotiations. We could not have done this without you, the Membership. Thank you for the confidence, faith and trust that you placed in the Negotiations Team. Your participation at Membership meetings, your input at special facility meetings, your efforts to bring shop talk and contract questions to the Union Hall, your strike authorization vote, and your readiness to help in whatever way called upon, demonstrated unity and solidarity that was present at the bargaining table. Let this new contract be an opportunity for us to stay united and strong, and to continue moving forward as a Union. You have proven during this round of collective bargaining that the greatest asset to Local 423 is its Membership and in unity, there really is strength and solidarity.