UWUA’s 31st Constitutional Convention

Utility Workers Union of America - 31st Constitutional Convention in Las Vegas, Nevada

UWUA’s 31st Constitutional Convention

Thank you to everyone who participated in our 31st Constitutional Convention in Las Vegas! We had an opportunity to reflect on our convention theme – Our Mission: Protecting Our Legacy, Building Our Future! and consider how it will guide our work moving forward. We celebrated our successes and we mapped out a course for the next four years and beyond.

As you likely know by now Mike Langford and Steve VanSlooten retired at this year’s convention. Together, they have left an indelible impact on the UWUA. They’ve taken the Union into the 21st century, secured benefits that have uplifted our members and worked to bring diverse new voices and perspectives into the organization. We thank them for their remarkable leadership, dedication and solidarity. For more on their impact on UWUA, check out this tribute video honoring their legacy.

On July 27, 2019 Jim Slevin was sworn is at National President and Pat Dillon was sworn in as National Executive Vice President along with officers National Vice President John Duffy and National Secretary-Treasurer Mike Coleman and the rest of the executive board. You may find photos and other updates on UWUA’s Facebook page and on our website www.UWUA.net. Share and post your own photos of the convention using the hashtag “#UWUA31”.

Check out the latest news from the convention here.

Check out the daily videos we showed highlighting our convention theme:


Check out the history of UWUA here.

Resolutions from UWUA’s 31st Constitutional Convention

Resolution 01 – Our Mission

Resolution 02 – Protecting our Legacy

Resolution 03 – Building Our Future

Resolution 04 – Honoring Our First Responders

Resolution 05 – Repower our Locals

Resolution 06 – UWUA Safety Committees

Resolution 07 – Human Rights Committee

Resolution 08 – Our Future YWIC

Resolution 09 – Empowering UWUA WomenResolution 10 – Healthcare for Al

Resolution 11 – Protect Workers Rights – Repeal RTW

Resolution 12 – UWUA Political Power

Resolution 13 – Paid Family Leave

Resolution 14 – Strengthen Retirement Security

Resolution 15 – Stop Call Center Offshoring and Outsourcing

Resolution 16 – Just Transition – Coal-Connected Communities Recovery Act

Resolution 17 – Strengthen Our Cyber and Physical Grid Security

Resolution 18 – Roll Back Regulation

Resolution 19 – Carbon Capture

Resolution 20 – Support for Nuclear Energy and Workers

Resolution 21 – Clean and Safe Water

Resolution 22 – All Sources – Safe and Reliable Electricity

Resolution 23 – Safe and Reliable Natural Gas

Resolution 24 – Strengthen Americas Infrastructure

Resolution 25 – In Support of Union Sportsmens Alliance

Resolution 26 – Safest and Best Trained Workers – P4A and UMAP

Resolution 27 – UWUA Health and Welfare Trust

Resolution 28 – Tackling the Opioid Epidemic