American Water Locals Meet to Compare Notes, Discuss Best Practices

UWUA local union leaders representing American Water (AWW) employees met on April 11 in Chicago to continue discussions aimed at building a stronger union network across the company.

Representatives from 16 UWUA locals attended the meeting, as well as UWUA President Mike Langford, Executive Vice President Steven VanSlooten, Secretary-Treasurer Mike Coleman, Vice President John Duffy, and UWUA national staff members that represent AWW local unions.

This is the second meeting of all AWW local unions in recent months, after the group met in Chicago on December 4. The UWUA National Union coordinated this series of meetings to enable local unions across the American Water system to compare notes and to discuss best practices in day-to-day representation of members and negotiations with the company.

At the April 11 meeting, UWUA representatives discussed implementation issues for the new National Benefits Agreement negotiated last year, operational issues including a new timekeeping system being implemented across the system by management, local union reports and organizing opportunities at the company, and additional plans to increase coordination among all UWUA locals at the company to strengthen the Union’s positions in bargaining and representation.

UWUA locals also welcomed to the meeting representatives of Water Workers Local 99, an independent union representing 120 AWW employees at two locations in New Jersey.

American Water is the largest investor-owned water utility company in the U.S. UWUA represents workers at over 20 American Water locations across the country, and also leads a coalition of nearly a dozen national and international unions to negotiate the National Benefits Agreement every five years.