Executive Board

Steven VanSlootenNational Executive Vice President

Steven VanSlooten was elected to the position of National Executive Vice President at the UWUA’s National Executive Board Meeting in October 2006, and took office on December 1. Steve is a millwright by trade with 26 years’ experience in the utility industry. He was hired by Consumers Energy at their J.H. Campbell Complex in March 1981, where he worked at the Campbell Unit 3 electric generation plant.

Steve began his service to fellow co-workers in May 1984, when he was elected department steward of Local 107. He accepted additional duties as he was elected to department chief steward of Local 107 in April 1985; vice president of Local 388 in June 1987, and president of Local 388 in January 1992. In January 1995, Steve expanded his range of service when he was elected vice president of the Michigan State Utility Workers Union Council (MSUWC). His responsibilities increased when he was subsequently elected executive vice president in September 1999. Steve assumed the duties of president of the MSUWC in November 2002. He was subsequently elected to the position in January 2003, and then re-elected in January 2006.

During the 1999 and 2003 UWUA constitutional conventions, and 2000 special convention, Steve served as chair of the credentials/ballot committee, demonstrating his attention to detail and ability to work under pressure. Steve was elected by the National Executive Board to serve as the Region IV Executive Board member in January 2003. The delegates to the 2003 UWUA convention then elected him to the same position.

Duties of the National Executive Vice President:

Section 1-C. The National Executive Vice President shall act as, and replace the National President in his/her absence. In case of resignation, death or removal of the President, the office of the National President shall be filled within thirty days in accordance with Article XI, Section 2.
Section 2-C. The National Executive Vice President, between meetings of the National Executive Board, shall at all times be responsible for carrying out to the best of his/her ability decisions of the National Convention.
Section 3-C. The National Executive Vice President shall perform such other duties as pertain to the office or may be assigned by the National President, National Executive Board, or its Executive Committee.
Section 4-C. A National Executive Vice President may co-sign with the National President or the National Secretary-Treasurer, if necessary, checks and disbursement vouchers, to assure signatories in the event of an absence of one or both of these Officers and shall, therefore, give bond in the appropriate amount to insure the faithful discharge of his/her duties.