John Duffy

National Vice President John Duffy was born and raised in the Bronx, New York, and became a member of UWUA Local 1-2 in 1974. As a rank-and-file member, he was employed by Consolidated Edison of New York. Most of the time he was assigned to Central Gas Operations and conducted an annual test survey of Con Edison’s gas system throughout New York City and Westchester County.

In 1990, he was elected to the Local 1-2 Executive Board and served in that position as well as Shop Steward Chairman for Central Gas Operations until being elected to the position of Business Agent in 1999. In 2005, Brother Duffy was elected Vice President of the local, and in 2007 he was elected UWUA National Vice President. As an official of the Utility Workers Union, he has been involved in internal organizing, numerous contract campaigns and negotiating committees.

Brother Duffy has also been involved in hearings with the New York State Public Service Commission looking into the blackout last summer in Queens, New York. He has made the Union’s case to the Commission that Con Ed needs to better maintain their electrical infrastructure and the benefits of doing it with in-house labor, as opposed to outside non-union contractors.

Duties of the National Vice President

Section 1-D. The National Vice President, between meetings of the National Executive Board, shall at all times be responsible for carrying out to the best of his/her ability decisions of the National Convention.
Section 2-D. The National Vice President shall devote full time to his/her office, and between National Conventions and sessions of the National Executive Board he/she shall report his/her acts to the Executive Committee of the Board.
Section 3-D. The National Vice President shall perform such other duties as pertain to his/her office or may be assigned him/her by the National President, National Executive Board, or its Executive Committee.