Scholarship Program

2022 Utility Workers Union of America Scholarship Program

Beginning in 2022, the Utility Workers Union of America, AFL-CIO (UWUA) established a scholarship program in an effort to promote the solidarity of its members and encourage educational growth of the future generations of our labor organization.

Entry Eligibility:

High school seniors who are the son or daughter of an active UWUA member.

Year of Eligibility:

Students are eligible for entry into the scholarship drawing during the scholarship year that coincides with their graduation from high school, i.e., 2022 Scholarship/2022 High School Graduation.

How to Enter:

Each year, there will be a drawing for each region (Regions I, II, III, IV & V) for a $2,000 scholarship, with the exception of the National Convention year, in which there will be one drawing for a $10,000 scholarship.  To be entered into the scholarship drawing, the student must submit a scholarship entry form to the National Union for the year of the scholarship/high school graduation by April 15th.  For 2022, the deadline to submit an entry form is extended to 7/30/2022.

Selection of Award Recipients:

Recipients will be selected at the spring National Executive Board meeting each year.  For 2022, the recipients will be selected at the fall National Executive Board meeting.  The drawing is a blind drawing from all of the eligible entry forms submitted. Recipients will be recognized in the year selected.

Amount of the Award:

For non-convention years, an award for $2,000 will be made to one student from each of the five regions. For convention years, one award for $10,000 will be made to one student.

Requirements for Payment of the Award

Recipients will receive the scholarship upon proof of acceptance and attendance at any university, college, or trade school, etc.