UWUA Hires New Staff Representatives, Establishes New Role to Support Renewable Sector Growth

Staff Changes

UWUA recently announced several staffing changes to fill spots left by retiring staff members and to support the union’s efforts to represent more members within the renewable energy sector. Jim Harrison (Senior National Representative for Region IV) is now UWUA’s Director of Renewable Energy. Les Wutka, MSUWC Vice President of Safety, will fill Jim Harrison’s position as Region IV Representative. Senior National Representative for Region V Jerry Acosta will retire at the end of March and Chauffé Schirmer, Secretary-Treasurer of Local 127 will become a representative for Region V. Additionally Deb York, Administrative Assistant to the President, will retire at the end of April. Congratulations Jerry and Deb! We wish you much happiness during your retirement.

Chauffé Schirmer Les Wutka