Speaking Out, Winter 2016

In state after state, working people vote for politicians who, once in power, turn around and attack them with anti-worker legislation such as “Right-to-Work.” How can we hold politicians accountable once we have elected them to office?

uwuamag_winter2016_speaking_k-parsonsKevin Parsons
Local 69

“The way we can hold legislatures accountable is to call them, e-mail them and request a meeting face to face to discuss the issues with them. If they refuse to respond or meet, make that known to every person in their district or communities they represent. If they vote for a bill that is against the working class, vow to get them out of office. Make this known in the communities they represent. Also, let them know upfront if they vote to harm the working class and vote for big business, you will help in the effort to get them out of office. They are there to represent the people that voted for them. One last thing – educate everyone, union members and the community, to get out and vote because every vote does matter.”

uwuamag_winter2016_speaking_b-mountBecki Mount
Local 175

“In Ohio, we are becoming surrounded by so-called ‘Right-to-Work’ states. It seems surreal that this is happening in the Midwest. The elected officials in Columbus need to hear from us! If you are not comfortable talking to our elected State Senators or Representatives, you should contact them by letter or e-mail. They need to know we are holding them accountable! It also would be helpful to let them know we are members of the UWUA, we are watching what they do, and we vote!”


uwuamag_winter2016_speaking_b-cainBob Cain
Vice President
Local 304

“West Virginia Local 304 is a fairly new union. To become a union, we were subjected to the worst kind of harassment during the organizing drive. We had supporters threatened, lied to, and even phone calls to their homes. We certified in 2010, fought off a decertification campaign and a merger, and four years later we had a first contract.

‘Right-to-Work’ (for less) is a slap in the face for all of our members who put it all on the line to become a union. This proves once and for all that business will stop at nothing, including the corruption of the electoral process to the detriment of our state and nation, to oppress, muzzle, dilute, and hamstring those who dare to stand up for their rights at work and demand something better.”

After all we’ve been through, we were sold out by our own politicians, whom we, as union members, have to hold responsible this November. It’s time for working people to pick a side, quit being fooled by divide and conquer, social ‘hot button’ politics. Take to the street to educate and instruct the public and be the activists we are always accused of being. We will remember in November!”

Craig Bradford
Local 69

“The answer is very simple!!! Vote and vote pro-union, pro-labor candidates. Voting, or lack thereof, allowed this legislation to become law in the great state of West Virginia.”