Regional Safety Summits on Deck for 2020

Safety is priority number one for the UWUA and its members. The formation of the National Safety Committee in 2019 is proof of that. With electric, gas and water representatives from every region, the UWUA is able, as never before, to make sure everyone gets home safely each and every day.

Pictured above: The Local 609 Safety Committee. The local’s leadership team is putting the safety of their members at top of their list of priorities as they prepare for upcoming contract negotiations with their employer NPL, an energy infrastructure construction firm.

Over the past year, National Safety Director Scotty MacNeill has traveled throughout every region to help establish local union safety committees and peer-to-peer safety programs where none existed before. He conducted safety workshops and safety leadership training wherever he went, while promoting the Systems of Safety training program conducted by the union’s Power for America (P4A) Training Trust.

Pictured right: Once again, Local 1-2 celebrated another successful year of the Systems of Safety program. For the tenth year, facilitators came together to review best practices and discussed how to make the program better for next year. Local 1-2 President Jim Shillitto and local officers continue their strong support for the program. Pictured here are, left to right, shop steward Anthony Kalabacas and executive board member Jack Mota.

Having laid the groundwork in 2019, the National Safety Committee is gearing up to conduct Regional Safety Summits in each of the five regions in 2020. Larger locals with union halls are making them available for the summits, allowing smaller locals to participate more fully as the union pushes to make worksites as safe as is humanly possible.

In this way, UWUA members will continue the legacy of being the safest, most productive, highest skilled workers in the world.