UWUA Fights FirstEnergy

UWUA Fights for Grid Reliability and for Employees

UWUA Stands Up for Workers at FirstEnergy Plants

Hatfield's Ferry power plantThe UWUA is fighting against FirstEnergy’s plans, announced in early July, to shut down Hatfield’s Ferry Power Plant in Greene County and Mitchell Power Station in Washington County, Pennsylvania in October.

“The first thing the company has to answer is can they actually close Hatfield’s Ferry Power Plant and Mitchell Power Station, and have safe, reliable electric to all its customers in Pennsylvania,” said Bob Whalen, president of Local 102 Utility Workers Union of America. “The other thing that folks need to start asking before these places are actually shut down is what is this going to do to the cost of electricity in Pennsylvania and other states.”

“We believe that the rate-payers of our state are being ripped off,” he said. “Someone has got to stand up and stop this, and that is what the union intends to do.”

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