How do you explain the importance of your UWUA membership to non-union friends?

Hector Alvarado II, Local G-555

“I look at being in a union as having worker insurance. We have insurance on all of our most valuable possessions, why not our livelihood? If something unexpected happens, I know I have my union to back me up.”






Matthew Kolbl, Local G-555

“I’m part of a group of newly organized workers from the City of Louisville in Ohio. A union provides workers with collective bargaining power to negotiate better wages, benefits, and working conditions. By joining a union, employees have a stronger voice in workplace decisions and can advocate for fair treatment. Additionally, unions often provide support and resources for workers facing issues such as discrimination, harassment, or unsafe working conditions.”





Maria Crosswait, Local 18007

“Being a part of a union has truly shown me family. It’s not just about job protection and wage enhancement. I am a part of something bigger, and it really means a lot to me.

I’m grateful to those who are in leadership — for what they all do for me and my fellow union brothers and sisters. The union isn’t limited to an 8-hour shift. Our board members get calls all night and are constantly on call. They sometimes have to be away from their families and sacrifice their personal time to make sure each of us is taken care of. They go away to negotiations and other meetings for us. And they make these personal sacrifices for the stability and integrity of Local 18007. I’d like to say, ‘Thank you! I’m truly grateful to all of you.’”


Joe Schell, Local 600

“Within the first year of unionizing at Delta Gas, we’ve gained better representation of the workforce, job security, structured pay and better wages.”







Rich Prouty, Local 270

“I work at the Perry Nuclear Plant which was recently purchased by Vistra Corp. Non-represented employees had their vacation and sick time changed to paid time off, a combined benefit. UWUA members retained all benefits as negotiated in the collective bargaining agreement. Also, no union employees lost their jobs following the sale, thanks to our contract’s successors’ clause.”






Argelia Alvarado Gonzales, Local 132

“Being a part of the UWUA ensures that I have a collective voice and bargaining power in my workplace. This means that I have the ability to negotiate for fair wages, benefits, and working conditions and have support in addressing any concerns or grievances with my employer.

My membership provides me with access to resources and support, including legal representation and advocacy, should I ever need it. This gives me peace of mind knowing that I have a strong support system behind me in the event of any workplace issues.

Being part of the UWUA also allows me to be part of a larger movement for workers’ rights and social justice. We are not just here to protect ourselves but also the next generation that follows. This means being a voice for our kids and/or grandchildren that might come into the same profession. By participating in my union, I am contributing to the effort to improve working conditions and create a more equitable and just society for all workers.

Overall, I would stress that my UWUA membership is essential for ensuring my rights, safety, well-being and worth as a worker.”

Steven Stokes, Local 607

“At Liberty Gas in Georgia, I’ve seen many benefits as a new member of the UWUA. These include being able to review and evaluate wages and benefits and make sure everyone is receiving the appropriate compensation, as well as having more job security. Another benefit is the brotherhood and sisterhood. It feels like a family and not just a corporation. We all look out for one another.”