WOMEN’S CAUCUS: We Are a Voice! Hear Our Roar!

Exploring our voice and the sounds it makes in 2024!

DL Wallace, Local 600

Here we are, and it’s 2024: the first quarter of a new year, six years before we begin a new decade, and two presidential elections yet to come. So, what’s ahead?

  • Did you make plans already or create New Year’s resolutions for 2024?
  • Were you successful with your plans and resolutions in 2023?
  • Did you evaluate the plans and resolutions that were unsuccessful, analyze those plans you didn’t complete, or consider what happened to cause them to be unattainable?
  • Did you speak your plans aloud into existence or give your plans voice to make them a reality to you and those in your circle?
  • Did you use your voice to “influence” your plans and resolutions?

Our voices are real; they have power! And, once heard, they can spearhead the formation of new ideas and resolutions that will propel us to move forward and make things happen.

As a union, we can use our voices collectively, impacting our families, friends, and circle of influence. Each one of us is responsible for developing plans and using our voice. Speak out and speak up about those things that mean the most to you!

We should:

  • Share information about union jobs and how they impact the communities where we live.
  • Look for volunteer opportunities to help our communities grow.
  • Use our voices as union members to share our experiences from the skills we have gained.
  • Share our voices in our schools to educate children about the countless skilled jobs in the technical fields of gas, electricity, and water.

Let’s utilize our voices at community centers and job fairs. We have voices that can be expressed in many public spaces — running for school boards, community councils, and public offices. Our voices are far-reaching and can be heard farther than the union hall or on a convention floor.

As a union officer (whether president, chairperson, delegate, steward, trustee, business agent, etc.) we must be vocal!Our union has a voice! It is 45,000 strong, and when used collectively, it sounds like a roar! Let’s use it to elect those that are pro-union and hold elected officials accountable. This is how we grow the union workforce, increase wages, improve healthcare, establish training and education needed to improve the industries we serve, and create and maintain more jobs in America.