WOMEN’S CAUCUS: Connect With Other Women

Alexa Barraza, Local 132, Women’s Caucus Member

Motivation for women comes in many different forms. For myself, I find it very beneficial to network with other women. I have always been on the shy side, especially in large crowds. Being appointed to Local 132 Women’s Caucus and the National UWUA Women’s Caucus has opened many doors for me by giving me opportunities to step outside of myself and make impactful changes in the lives of women around me and be an example for others. However, I had to find my motivation, and I personally found it through networking with other women.

UWUA National Women’s Caucus members receive a yearly National CLUW (Coalition of Labor Union Women) membership. This year, I was able to connect with and join the Los Angeles CLUW chapter. As a CLUW member, I have been empowered to step out of my comfort zone and network with women from unions outside of the utility industry and worker organizations. Moreover, I have been able to help other women learn the importance of women supporting women and learning from each other. Some of the greatest lessons I have learned have come from other women. I’ve found that women share common experiences, must overcome common difficulties, and that only a woman can completely empathize with other women.

It is important to encourage women to reach up, reach out, and take advantage of the deep experiences and resources offered by other women. Making connections and building a relationship with other women is essential. When we allow ourselves to build comradery it helps us gain an understanding of our own self-worth. This, in turn, empowers us to put our skills to work in our union, our workplaces and our homes.

I encourage all my UWUA sisters to reach out to their respective local women’s committee and local CLUW chapter to make these important connections. I am honored to have attended the 22nd Biennial National CLUW Convention in November where I had opportunities to establish new relationships, collaborate, discuss matters important to women, and be inspired. We all have something inside of us to share.

Shine your light! I want to see all my fellow sisters’ light shine.