What are your top takeaways from the Convention?

Nicole Wallace-Edgar, Local 1-2

“My number one takeaway is that unions are power. We must learn to leverage that power to get what we need for the American worker and workers worldwide. We as women are now making up a greater share of the workforce, and we as women also need to leverage our power to get our due respect and to ensure we are paid what we are worth.”



Javier A. Salas, Local 132

“We have a very fast changing environment in all our different utilities throughout the country. Therefore, more than ever, with the public opinion polls favorable to unions we have to be very proactive in our organizing campaigns to take advantage of the new opportunities to grow our membership in our great UWUA union.  We need to turn this momentum into a movement!”



Jessie Bolin, Local 160-D

“As a first-time convention participant, I took away a strong feeling of unity with my fellow union brothers and sisters. Seeing what occurs at a national convention was moving and educational. I enjoyed being able to meet members from other utilities that are all part of the UWUA and to network with them and cultivate friendships.”



Michael Canzano, Local 409

“I’m a Marine Corps veteran and was very pleased to see the focus on veterans. Colonel Sutherland gave a powerful speech on the importance of helping veterans through programs like UWUA’s UMAP. The resolution supporting UMAP passed by the delegates will help get veterans into good jobs and reduce homelessness and suicides.”



Joshua Lipscomb, Local 304

“This was my first convention. I was struck by the fire in the bellies of UWUA’s national officers, but at the same time, I was impressed with how down to earth and approachable they are. Their excitement made me appreciate what a great union we have in the UWUA.”




Robin Wilson, Local 104, MSUWC

“I came away with a greater appreciation of the importance of solidarity and of the need to reach out to our youth and get them into union jobs.  Both are key to the longevity and success of our union.”




Brian Phillips, Local 433

“A few things stood out to me. First, the labor movement is very important. Second, the gas industry is under attack as part of a green agenda being pushed by the government. This agenda is being pushed too hard; we can’t transition that fast.”




John Peterson, Local 375

“Three things stood out to me: the importance of unity, how great unions are, and the many benefits of being in a union.”




John Holmes, Local 233

“President Slevin made a point to say labor is having its moment and “union” is no longer a bad word. At prior conventions I’ve attended, unions weren’t viewed so favorably by the public. The current pro-union sentiment gives us a tremendous advantage.”