UWUA’s 32nd Constitutional Convention

Senior National Representative Jim Gennett administered the oath of office to national officers and executive board members on July 29, the final day of the convention.
Powerful women gathered on July 26 to “embrace our differences.” Left to right: Latrease Williams, Local 601; Terri Carmichael Jackson, Executive Director, WNBA Players Association; Sandy Null, Local 132; Valerie King, UWUA National Representative and Women’s Caucus Chair; Liz Shuler, AFL-CIO President; and Holly McLaughlin, Local 600.

Spanning four action-packed days at the end of July, the UWUA’s 32nd Constitutional Convention was a resounding success, with delegates engaging in activities that laid the foundation for the union’s future. They elected and re-elected officers and executive board members, deliberated and passed 14 resolutions, amended our constitution, and drew inspiration from an impressive roster of international and national labor leaders and elected officials.

United in purpose, they laid the groundwork for the union’s future, setting a course that will shape the UWUA’s direction for the next four years — and beyond. And, as it was held in Las Vegas, they managed to have some fun, too!  

Under the theme “Essential by Industry, Exceptional by Choice,” each day had a unique focus: embracing our differences, leveraging our strength, and determining our future together.   

Speaker after speaker underscored the current momentum of the labor movement. High public approval of unions creates a favorable climate for organizing new members, a goal that the UWUA is strategically positioned to pursue. 

Jim Pinkham, a member of Local 369 in Boston, nominated his son Craig to the office of National Vice President.

The convention also provided a unique opportunity for delegates to forge connections with fellow members from diverse locals and regions, fostering a sense of unity and camaraderie. The message that unity transcends personal politics echoed throughout the convention. The strength of the union lies in its ability to stand united and resolute, unwavering in its commitment to advocating for the rights and welfare of its members. 

As the convention drew to a close, delegates and guests departed with a profound sense of purpose, eager to share the vision of the UWUA’s future with their respective locals. President Slevin’s call to action, “Don’t let what happens in Vegas stay in Vegas. Take it back to your locals, spread the word and make it happen!” resonated deeply, capturing the passion and dedication that will drive the union forward.   

With a unified spirit and unwavering commitment, the UWUA stands poised to chart an impressive course towards a promising and prosperous future.