SAFETY CORNER: Convention Delegates Reaffirm Commitment to Safety

John “Scotty” MacNeill, Safety Director

Members of the UWUA National Safety Committee at the convention.

Convention delegates voiced strong support for the adoption of the UWUA Health and Safety Resolution. This resolution reaffirms the founding principles behind the establishment of the UWUA National Safety Committee.

The National Safety Committee mirrors the diverse fabric of our union. Our commitment extends to encompass all sectors — gas, water and electric — and ensures representation for every facet of our work — field, offices, plants, and call centers.

Our framework encompasses clearly defined goals, a mission statement, and committee member expectations. Our monthly meetings convene via video conference, offering a seamless platform for coast-to-coast information exchange.

As part of our ongoing efforts, we are actively developing a comprehensive blueprint for regional safety summits that we expect to launch next year. These will be designed to offer a spectrum of training opportunities on topics such as:

  • The union representative’s role and responsibilities in an OSHA investigation;
  • Do’s and don’ts of a local safety committee;
  • Overview of the systems of safety training; and
  • Overview of the P4A.

For detailed information about your regional national safety committee members, visit the UWUA’s website at Please consider this an open invitation to connect with us regarding any inquiries or insights you wish to contribute to the collective dialogue about safety at your specific location.

Finally, I urge you to always remember the profound truth that “safety is a value, not a slogan.”