What do you hope to see discussed at the union’s upcoming convention?

DeAnna Hill, Local 191

“I would like to discuss the best ways to present the importance of the union to new, young members, and encourage them to participate.”




Lawrence Carella, Local 18007

“With all the attacks on natural gas across the country, I’d like to see discussions on what measures the UWUA is taking to save our industry and educate members and also on the five-year outlook for the natural gas industry.”




Frank Sheldon, Local 601

“How do we bridge the gap between the older generation of workers and the young generation, whose priorities are often far different?”




Hector Alvarado, Local G-555

“How our union can be more engaged in community events — it would be an amazing way for us to give back to the communities we work in and positively promote the union.”




Jack Brown, Local 254

“I want to hear about how members are mobilizing to help the UWUA address the attacks on natural gas and the bans on new natural gas services and stoves.”




Lissus Walker, Local 119

“I believe it’s always important to know where and how the union came to be. It would be not only informative, but it will also pay homage to those who fought and sacrificed, allowing new and seasoned members to understand what got us to where we are today.”




Alexa Barraza, Local 132

“I would like to see more discussions on how we can prepare memberships for contract negotiations, along with the implications of a strike.”