Speaking Out: Why are you proud to be a UWUA member?

John Cuccaro, Local 423

“I’m most proud that my UWUA job has enabled me to provide a comfortable life for my family, including wages and benefits that supported putting three children through college.”




Kristin Fallon, Local 393

“My UWUA benefits and wages have enabled me to provide a great life for myself and my family. I’m also proud to be part of a hard-working group that is bigger than myself.”




Siobhan Springer, Local 470-1

“Being a UWUA member allows me to provide for my family and support my community but also to impact change and influence progress. The comradery of our union family working together for common goals is a beautiful thing. I’m proud to be part of an extended union family that supports one another while remaining best in class.”



Lee Herbert, Local 601

“The union represents the very essence of family: love, caring, protection, trust. The union is always there for me and never lets me down.”




Kelly Mullen, Local 369

“I get great wages and benefits plus job protections. But more than anything, I’m proud to be part of a union family and the solidarity and comradery it provides.”




Laurie Stenovitch, Local 310

“I can do my job without fear of arbitrary discipline because of a grievance process that ensures fairness. When we’re sick, we can focus on getting better. The union always has our backs and that’s powerful.”




Ryan McCarthy, Local 330B

“I’m a third-generation member of my local. I take pride in knowing that UWUA put food on both my and my mother’s table growing up and now provides for my kids. As a local president, I know I have the full support and backing of the UWUA when I’m out there fighting for members’ wages, working conditions and, most importantly, safety. I’m proud that I never have to compromise safety and that I can count on going home to my wife and three children each day.”


Frank Dominguez, Local 1-2

“My father was a 1-2 member, and I grew up in a union household. He instilled in me a set of core principles and a belief in something bigger than myself. I understand what it takes to be a good provider, to be a good husband and be involved in my faith. Being a UWUA member allows me to do all these things, to be what my father was to me and for me to be the same for my kids. Being a UWUA members means you’re someone who is striving for greatness and always trying to bring out the best in those around you.”


Kevin Byfield, Local 1-2

“I feel not only proud but privileged to be a UWUA member. We bring value to our customers and literally power America, small and large towns alike. My UWUA job has provided my family with all the benefits and joys that come with being a union household.”



Kelly Devlin, Local 375

“I take pride in knowing that my customers can turn on their faucets each day and get clean water. I come from a large family of carpenters, teachers and police officers. My UWUA job gives me a sense that I’m following in that same family tradition of service.”