Local 335 Builds Community Resources

Local 335 is once again partnering with Missouri-American Water and the Union Sportsmen’s Alliance to build a new resource for the community. This time it’s a two-story, accessible archery range in Florissant, Missouri’s Sunset Park. It will cost $20,000 to build and is scheduled to open this coming spring.

The first archery platform built by the Local 335-American Water-Union Sportsmen’s Alliance partnership. The new platform will be accessible and be ready for use next spring.

This is the third project in the region built by this partnership, which previously funded and built an archery range and a motorless boat ramp to the Meramec River.

“We had been looking for another project to do with the company, and the idea of an accessible range caught our interest,” Local 335 President Allan Bathon said. “We got the Union Sportsmen’s Alliance involved and soon had a plan ready to present to the city’s mayor.” Bathon sees the project as one of the many unsung services that unions provide to the broader community.