Secretary-Treasurer’s Report: Key Filing Compliance Requirements

Secretary-Treasurer, Michael Coleman

This article is a reminder that it is that time of year to review our year-end financial records and execute our compliance requirements. We have seen a large number of retirements in our ranks and many younger members are getting involved in their local leadership. This new energy is encouraging and exciting and will require education and mentoring. Fiscal responsibility is vital: therefore, in addition to our scheduled in-person regional conferences for 2022 we are actively scheduling quarterly fiscal training sessions for financial officers that will be conducted via video conference or in-person when possible.

The UWUA maintains our commitment to assisting and reinforcing the importance of regulatory compliance and the protection of our Union’s funds and assets. Please note that the COVID pandemic does not change any of our regulatory requirements.

The UWUA continues to work with the DOL through the Voluntary Compliance Partnership Program to assist our affiliates’ compliance with the Office of Labor Management Standards (OLMS).

We continue to review several of the Voluntary Compliance Program objectives, including the following: 1) Continued partnership in the program; 2) Maintaining the mandatory electronic filing requirements; 3) Bonding requirements; 4) Review of all affiliate’s compliance; and 5) Utilization of OLMS resources to assist the UWUA financial training efforts.

Listed below, are several key components for reference and proper filing. As always, please do not hesitate to contact the National Office for guidance, clarification, or assistance.