NEWS ROUNDUP: Elizabethtown Gas Company Workers Vote Union, Yes!

“Fortunately, the call center workers stood up for themselves and voted for the union,” said UWUA Organizer Valerie King.

The customer experience team at Elizabethtown Gas Company in northern New Jersey voted overwhelmingly to join the UWUA in late October. The 70 new members of Local 601 work in the call center, billing department and walk-in customer service centers.

“The organizing committee really wanted a union and worked hard to make that happen,” says Local 601 President Noel Christmas. “I’m looking forward to negotiating their first contract and improving their lives.”

The organizing win builds on the successes the union has had at the company where meter readers, first responders, measurement and regulation techs, field service representatives and street department employees already enjoy UWUA representation. The victory is another example of a successful organizing campaign with workers who see their co-workers benefiting from the things a UWUA contract brings.

“They felt they were being treated unfairly,” says UWUA.

Organizer Valerie King who led the campaign. “They are underpaid and don’t even have sick days. These are things we will work on in contract negotiations.”

“Elizabethtown Gas ran an anti-union campaign,” King adds. “They are my gas company and many other Local 601 members are in their service area. They did some things that were really ugly. Fortunately, the call center workers stood up for themselves and voted for the union.”

Elizabethtown Gas is a wholly-owned subsidiary of South Jersey Industries with roots that stretch back to 1855. Vote Union, Yes!