Local 223 Power Generation Division Clocks 1 Million Hours Without an OSHA Recordable Injury

Congratulations to UWUA brothers and sisters from Local 223’s Power Generation Division for achieving 1 million hours worked without an Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) recordable injury.

This significant milestone demonstrates Local 223’s dedication to workplace safety!

“Although we work around hazards every day, we are getting better at recognizing and mitigating them prior to going to work,” says Erin Fitch, Local 223’s Power Gen. Safety Representative and member of the UWUA National Safety Committee’s Electrical Subcommittee. “I am very proud of my brothers and sisters. We are looking out for each other and together we have worked safely for over one million man hours.”

“This is a powerful accomplishment, not just for members of Local 223, but also for their families who wait for them to come home every day,” says UWUA National Safety Director John MacNeill. “Instead of thinking of safety as the absence of injuries and illnesses, the members of 223 think of safety as the ability to be successful under varying conditions.”

Pictured on this page are members of the division who are responsible for generating electricity for DTE Energy to approximately 2.2 million customers in southeastern Michigan.