WOMEN’S CAUCUS – Building a Stronger Union

Valerie King, Women’s Caucus Co-Chair

The community is a key source of power. Building strong unions is contingent on developing relationships within the communities where we live.

The Community Campaign model of organizing builds upon relationships and alliances to empower working people, their unions and communities.

So, what is the messaging? What does a union building campaign look like? Where do you begin? At the core is the union. Then, it’s connecting with, and meeting people where they are, communicating one on one, supporting each other’s cause, creating collaboration, and strengthening alliances.

The National Women’s Caucus, and local women’s committees, including Local 132 Women’s Caucus, Local 223’s Women’s Committee and Community Solidarity Committee,  Local 601’s ALLURE, Local G-555, and Local 1-2, are all utilizing this model to reach across their respective locals. They are actively building communities where everyone is welcome, bridging gaps separating people, breaking barriers, networking, and creating opportunities to grow, empower and engage both union and non-union workers.

Representation matters! Leading with a lens of vulnerability and empathy, helps us to see the entire picture. Cultivating a diverse network enables us to move forward with thoughtful approaches.

A winning plan to build a stronger union requires strategic planning, identifying, and securing resources needed to win! Internal and external organizing, worker power campaigns, and messaging to win is an ongoing process. The adoption of a superior strategy allows us to build a stronger union and realizing that we are stronger together!