The Time Is Right To Organize!

Our union’s strength lies in organizing where members are currently employed.

The last year has been a challenge for every UWUA member, however the challenge is even greater for the unorganized. Whether it be layoffs, furloughs, reduced hours or wages, or just changes in working conditions, the unorganized have been unprotected during the COVID-19 pandemic and, in many cases, it has shown them the value of a union.

Pictured left: The UWUA is recruiting volunteer organizers throughout the five regions so that there is a reserve of organizers who are trained when boots on the ground are needed.

Unions enjoy a public favorability rating of over 70%, however only 11% of the public sector is organized and only 6% of the private sector. All of this means that the time is right to organize.

While the UWUA actively pursues organizing workers at non-union facilities,  The greatest organizing potential for the UWUA is with all the unorganized non-supervisory employees working for employers that are already signatories to UWUA collective bargaining agreements.

When organized, these groups will increase the collective power of the union. Organizing these unorganized co-workers can be done in several ways, from joining the current membership under an existing contract, to joining a local under a separate contract, or possibly forming a new local.

The National Union has undertaken a campaign to identify all the unorganized non-supervisory employees with employers who are signatories to UWUA contracts. Members can help by letting their local leadership know of potential new members at their worksite. The time has never been better to organize, and a partnership between UWUA locals and the National provides the best opportunity for success.

Reach out to Bob Houser ( or Valerie King ( if you or your local would like to know more about UWUA’s organizing efforts.