UWUA Ramps Up Water Work

Members of the locals of the Michigan State Utility Workers Council volunteered their support for the people of Flint during the 2016 water crisis by donating and delivering water.

Nothing is more fundamental to the safe, healthy functioning of our society than water and wastewater infrastructure. Without the ability to deliver clean, reliable water and to safely treat and dispose of wastewater, we would be living in a pre-industrial, almost medieval world. Water-borne diseases that used to be the scourge of the entire world can now only pose threats in places where modern water infrastructure either doesn’t exist or degrades to unsafe levels.

The suffering of populations in cities such as Flint, MI is profound but has also surfaced similar challenges faced by water systems around the country.

This is why the UWUA is joining with allies from across various communities to speak up on the national level regarding the importance of our members’ work to make clean water a reality for all of us. Joining with our partners at the BlueGreen Alliance and exploring work with groups such as Clean Water for All, our aim is to ensure that elected officials recognize the contribution to society made by those who provide these critical services.