Speaking Out – July/Aug/Sep 2018

Tuesday, Nov. 6 is Election Day. As a utility worker, what issues will decide who you vote for?


Tuesday, Nov. 6 is Election Day. As a utility worker, what issues will decide who you vote for?


John Lorenzo, Local 164

“As a working class man in my late 30’s, what is important to me is:

1) more funding for education, that’s vital;

2) investment in infrastructure;

3) more union jobs; and

4) programs and strategies to combat the opioid epidemic.

To sum up, Pennsylvania is still a strong union state and we need to be on the forefront, advocating for these four things.”

Ernest Shaw, Local 132

“Safety is number one. There are a lot of unqualified contractors and less qualified utility workers doing the job who are not focused on job safety. Also, electrification is a big thing coming our way in California. It is more focused on earnings and revenue as opposed to being a true method for renewing our climate and environment.”


Milton DavisSecretary-Treasurer, Local 132

“The politicians that get my vote will have to address health care issues, increased wages for middle-class workers and better training across the board to keep up with advancing technology.”


Mercurio Moore, Local 132

“The first issue for me is the state of our country. There is so much uncertainty in so many areas. I know it starts with who we elect to represent us, and what hits close to home is the future of employment in my state of California. As a utility worker and as an employee of a gas utility, the state of California is attacking my way of life. Electrification is a big issue in the state of California. I work hard to try to make an honest living to take care of my family.  I want my vote to make a difference on November 6th.”

Belinda Moreno, Local 132

“As a Utility Worker, the major issues would be jobs, immigration, and health care.”



Chad Houghteling, Recording Secretary, Local 144

“I’m not going to vote for a candidate because of his or her lip service. I’m voting for a candidate who has a demonstrated and proven record of supporting working-class families.”


Javier A. Salas, President, Local 132

“I will vote for politicians who, instead of representing corporate America, have the vision to listen and represent their constituents and are willing to fight for their rights, no matter what their ethnic background, nationality, or economic status.”