Women’s Caucus – Am I My Sister’s Keeper?

WOMEN’S CAUCUSValerie King, Co-Chair, Women’s Caucus

Am I My Sister’s Keeper?

Sisters and Brothers, it is time we let these words, ‘Am I My Sister’s Keeper’ resonate to our core! As women, we all face the same societal and economic issues, regardless of our ethnicity, demographic, union affiliation, education, or career.

The UWUA’s Local 1-2 at the NYC Women’s March, left to right: Courtney Parker; Jean Washington, Business Agent; Ursula Grant, co-chair UWUA Women’s Caucus; Cheryl Covington, Executive Board member, and Deborah Cummings, SEIU Local 32BJ.

Inequality in the workforce, human rights, untapped girl power, gender pay gaps, and sexism are recurring issues that continually rear their ugliness in every facet of our lives. Addressing these issues is important to the progress of women and girls. And the UWUA is supporting these efforts through the National Women’s Caucus.

Valerie King, Co-Chair, Women’s Caucus

By bridging communities, building partnerships and strategic alliances that are impactful, we will create tangible change. Success will come as a collaborative effort that includes all genders.

Women take it to the streets!

There has been a flash point in our nation in the past year. We have seen the FURY of women who have come together in support of one another, taking a stand against sexual harassment and inappropriate behavior. Women are uniting, their voices have been amplified, gaining strength through the courage and determination of their fellow sisters and promoting a movement of intolerance of sexual harassment and abuse.

Across the country women, including UWUA members, gathered in a show of solidarity on the first anniversary of the Women’s March on January 21st. The themes of a national voter registration campaign, electing more women and progressive candidates to office, protecting women’s rights, #MeToo campaign, and addressing pay inequality were visible as millions of women took to the streets nationwide.

It takes a collaborative community to rise up and rally against injustices. We are seeing women from all walks of life banding together as one.

The Women’s Movement has been gaining momentum over the years, a fire has been ignited and it is burning like a wild fire. As historian Laurel Thatcher Ulrich stated, “Well Behaved Women Rarely Make History.”

UWUA members, officers, staff and friends participated in the Jan. 21 Washington, DC Women’s March, left to right, supporter Tevon Ware, National Office Executive Administrator Stacy Paulo, Kim MacNeill (pink hat), National Safety Director Scotty MacNeill, and National Secretary-Treasurer Michael Coleman. Inset photo: Montclair, NJ high school junior Madison Mack, right, daughter of Local 601 member Andrea Mack, and friend Zoe Singleton.

You are your sister’s keeper! Let this be our MANTRA, let it be our decision to become a collective community and find common ground. Commit to supporting one another, reaching back and giving a hand up as you move forward. Mentor one another. The best way to help ourselves is to help others! Eradicate policies and behavior that underappreciate the humanity of women!