Speaking Out

With the announcements of the projected closures of three UWUA represented nuclear facility sites, what do you believe the role of the in-house workforce should be for the decommissioning process?

John Daly, Nuclear Executive Board – VP  Pilgrim

Local 369

“UWUA President Mike Langford said it best, ‘We are the safest, most productive, highest skilled workers in the world.’ Local 369 members at Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station are some of the most highly motivated workers in the nuclear industry.  We have spent a large portion of our lives operating, repairing, dismantling, overhauling and reassembling all equipment at Pilgrim. With our knowledge and experience we should be offered a major role in all aspects of the decommissioning process.

With so many companies trying to jump into the decommissioning of commercial nuclear power plants, with little to no experience and limited funds with which to do so, it would only make sense that the experience, skill and dedication of the UWUA be completely involved.”

Mark LewisShop StewardIndian Point – Local 1-2

“The UWUA in-house workforce is committed to the safe and reliable operation of these nuclear power plants. It is through exceptional skill, training and dedication that we accomplish this. This team of professionals should be a part of the decommissioning process, continuing to provide their wide array of unique talent to ensure decommissioning is done right.”


Kelly O’Brien, Chief Steward – Pilgrim – Local 369

“We’ve been here all the years of operation and we should be involved afterwards in doing the decommissioning work. Our contract runs out to 2021, after the projected closing. Just because we’re not generating electricity anymore, we know the plant, we know the work, and we could decommission Pilgrim better than anyone from the outside.”


Chuck Burchfield, Palisades – Local 150

“I can confidently state that the workforce I have been a part of for 19 years is unquestionably the most capable of performing the task of decommissioning. We have the training, skills, and knowledge of the plant required to safely disassemble plant systems. In addition, we live here and most of us plan on staying here. Who could possibly care more about getting the job done successfully than us? The answer to the ‘Speaking Out’ question is: no one more so than my brothers and sisters of the UWUA Local 150.”

George Stieber, Control Room OperatorPalisades – Local 150 Vice President

“My UWUA brothers and sisters at Palisades have proven time and again over the last 35-plus years that they are among the most dedicated, highly trained, productive and safest workforces in the industry. There is nothing we can’t do, including the decommissioning of the Palisades Nuclear Plant, and who better to tear it down than those who have worked so hard to keep it running.  We owe it to the community to make sure the Palisades Nuclear Plant is safely retired and the property restored to its original condition, or better.”

Nicolas Chase, Shop Steward – Indian Point – Local 1-2

“The UWUA represented in-house workforce at these nuclear power facilities that are projected to close are highly trained, skilled and motivated. We work as a team in a conservative and safe manner to operate world-class establishments. As members living and working in the local community we would make sure the decommissioning process would be handled and carried out with the same professionalism, rigor and attention to detail as when these plants were running.”