Women’s Caucus Report, Fall 2016

The Journey Ahead…

Valerie King, Co-Chair, Women’s Caucus
Valerie King
Co-Chair, Women’s Caucus

Many Americans are reeling after the results of the presidential election. Good, bad or indifferent, we must press forward and onward regardless of the outcome. It is clear that we as union brothers and sisters have a lot of work ahead of us, educating others on the importance of not forfeiting their right to vote!

It is unconscionable that 46.9% of eligible voters did not turn out at the polls! Some voters chose not to vote for a presidential candidate, but instead voted only for their respective local government and questions on the ballots. Others failed to recognize that questions even existed on the ballot.

Our focus has not changed! Voter Rights, Voter Registration, Equal Pay, Raising the Minimum Wage, Gender Equality, Affordable Healthcare, Paid Leave, and Reproductive Justice!

The low hanging fruit of our journey is engaging our membership, educating, empowering, mentoring, and developing a succession plan for our up and coming leaders! It is not time to give up on our fight! Unionism is about being inclusive, breaking down barriers (not building walls), dignity and respect, and community!

This past election paved the way for many women to realize their full potential and dreams. Although we may not have a woman as president leading our country, Hillary Clinton inspired the woman that will become the first woman president of our great country. There are other great leaders on the horizon. And, we will continue to thrive until then.

Let’s dig our heels in, boots on the ground, and realize our vision in keeping our accomplishments at the forefront and preventing the clock from rolling back to yesteryear!

We cannot afford to let our collective bargaining rights be taken away from us. Right-to-Work must be eradicated. The future of the middle class and working class families is being
attacked at all levels of government! Now, more than ever, we as a people must Stand Up, Show Up, Speak Up, and work tirelessly to ensure that our legacy is one that withstands the turbulence of elected officials that do not have our best interests at hand. Collectively, we can make an impactful difference once we realize the strength in numbers and unison

It may not be easy, but we know we are up for the challenge!

In Solidarity!