Women’s Caucus Report, Spring 2016

Paving the way for the “Next Generation of Leaders”

uwuamag_spring2016_womenscaucusThe regional conferences are an opportunity for the Women’s Caucus to provide a guide for all locals to gain momentum and resurrect their local women’s committee. We have a charge to empower women, and mentor them to take on more leadership roles. We are looking for “Game Changers” to take the baton and pave the way for the “Next Generation of Leaders.”

The Women’s Caucus presentation at the regional conferences reiterates our Mission and Vision, as well as a Model/Action Plan that offers strategies for locals to utilize in jumpstarting committees via traditional methods (checking Bylaws/Constitution, appointed by President), or non-traditional methods (identifying members who are already involved in Community Activism and supporting their charity and/or cause). And then, simply asking possible Women’s Caucus members whether they would bring their enthusiasm to support upcoming union initiatives. It starts with an “ask” and then you will have a committee of volunteers, and ultimately a Women’s Committee all by the way of determining their interests, strengthening the bond of unionism, and increasing participation in union activities.

Valerie King, Co-Chair, UWUA Women’s Caucus
Valerie King, Co-Chair, UWUA Women’s Caucus

There are three areas of focus:

  1. Community Outreach (food bank, homeless shelters, veteran initiatives, etc.;
  2. Health and Educational Workshops (financial workshops, women leadership seminars/ conferences, breast cancer walks, etc.; and
  3. Political (voter registration, COPE education, upcoming election) that the women can research and use as a basis for initiatives within their locals and engaging support for their committee.