Get Involved Through UWUA Social Media

The UWUA message — Reclaim, Retrain, Repower and Repair America — is gaining momentum across the country as members participate in the regional educational conferences taking place this summer.

uuwamag_spring2016_0509_20160514While calling on the nation’s leaders to invest in both our energy and human infrastructure, UWUA members are repowering the union by engaging social media tools, consisting of a grid that connects the National Union, locals, individual members, and the public. Leading the effort is a social impact agency called m. that works with labor unions to get their message out and connect more effectively with members.

In less than two months, the union has more than doubled its Facebook followers with messages reaching nearly half a million people. Informative and engaging videos are being deployed, and high-quality photography is capturing UWUA boots on the ground. Members are shown picketing in solidarity with our brothers and sisters in UNITE HERE, CWA, and IBEW, letting corporations such as Verizon and Westin know that “We are One!”

Social media is a great vehicle to let the world know what Utility Workers are all about: providing life-sustaining water, gas, and electricity to the nation, and supporting the American worker ghting for a fair shake.

The power of UWUA social media is being deployed on the individual, local, and national level. The staff at m. is training members who attend the regional conferences on social media technology, and locals are being urged to create social media committees to work in partnership with the M. team. uwuamag_winter2016_uwua_local132

Online meeting spaces are being built through Facebook, where social media committee members and local Facebook administrators can learn important tools and techniques. This platform provides a way for UWUA members to communicate directly with the M. team, ask questions, and get tech support. Facebook is also being used as a tool to connect with American utility workers who are currently without a union contract and in need of one.

To be the most highly skilled utility workers in the world, the UWUA places a huge em- phasis on the continuous education and growth of its members. The same approach toward new technologies is increasing the union’s power. These efforts are beginning to show the public, policymakers and employers UWUA members are organized, engaged, and informed.

Beyond social media, the launch of a new website will provide more efficient lines of communication with members and the public. The new site will be faster, easier to navigate, and more informative. It will also provide a portal to those who are interested in joining the union, and aid- ing efforts to connect and organize.

These new communication plat- forms are crucial to growing the union and building the labor movement. Go to to get involved.