Young Workers

Activating Young Workers for a Better Future

UWUA Young Workers Initiative Committee

The Young Workers Initiative Committee (YWIC) is a diverse group of UWUA women and men ages 18-35. The group was formed by UWUA President Mike Langford in August of 2010 with the sole purpose of getting younger workers more involved with union activities, and important social and economic issues.

The YWIC functions as an educational and advisory organization to assist UWUA locals in establishing young worker groups, and developing progressive and relevant agendas. The committee is made up of 15 members representing each of the UWUA’s five regions and chaired by Senior National Representative Reggie Davis.

The committee helps educate and train young workers so there is a deeper sense of what it means to belong to a union, and the importance of the role unions play in protecting the people who work for a living. By mobilizing and engaging young workers in the life of their union, great strides can be made for the labor movement and the working families it represents.

The union’s young workers are partners, allies, and a necessary and effective force in the fight for economic fairness and justice. This is a never-ending struggle and it is everyone’s responsibility to develop tomorrow’s UWUA and the country’s labor leaders today.

That’s what the YWIC is all about. These young women and men who volunteered to serve on the committee have decided to get involved rather than complain from the sidelines. Every UWUA member, young and seasoned, should get more involved.