Political Action

Educate Yourself, Sign Up For Alerts, and Take Action

The UWUA is engaged in the political arena for the good of our members: educating, agitating, and mobilizing members to take personal action.

The UWUA provides leadership, insight and action on the local, state and national labor movement. We have joined many labor movement events, from internal meetings to public gatherings. Our numerous seats on state federation boards, state commissions, Central Labor Council leadership groups and special committees, are indicative of our contributions and influence in the labor movement as a whole.

National Labor Relations Board Appointments: Your help is needed now!
UWUA COPE: Support public officials who are friends and advocates of the working class
Your Representative’s Vote:
Right to Work: Right to Work for Less laws cost the average worker, union or nonunion, about $1,500 per year in wages.
Voter Rights by State: Don’t take your rights or your future for granted.
Register to Vote: The ballot is the greatest power we possess.
Legislative Action Center: Find out about current actions
Sign Up for UWUA Alerts: Link

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