Penelec FirstEnergy Lock-Out

Taking a stand against Penelec FirstEnergy

FirstEnergy illegally cut medical, prescription, and dental benefits and raised employees’ healthcare premiums in January without bargaining in good faith with the UWUA. Management also unlawfully refused to provide healthcare information that is essential for the union to negotiate over employee medical benefits.

Apr 8, 2014

FirstEnergy Ends Penelec Lockout but Continues Unfair Concession Demands

firstenergy-un-fairThe Utility Workers Union of America welcomed FirstEnergy’s decision to end its lockout of 142 utility workers at its Penelec subsidiary in central Pennsylvania, but criticized management for unilaterally implementing unfair cutbacks in customer service standards, employee working conditions, and benefits.

FirstEnergy announced that it was ending the lockout – which management imposed on UWUA members at Penelec three days before Thanksgiving 2013 – and that all workers would return to work on Monday, April 14.  At the same time, Akron, Ohio-based FirstEnergy announced that it was unilaterally implementing huge concession demands without reaching any agreement with the union.

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Local 102 President Bob Whalen Appears on The Union Edge – Labor’s Talk Radio show to talk about the Penelec Lockout

Penelec Utility Worker Lockout Coverage

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UWUA Members Rally Against Corporate Greed at FirstEnergy

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April 30, 2014

System Local 102 Branch 180 Thanks You


The System Local 102, Branch Local 180 members and families extend our most heartfelt thank you’s to each and every person who helped support us during the four months we were locked out.  From monetary donations, to food donations, to those of you who came and stood with our brothers and sisters on the picket line, we cannot express our gratitude and appreciation enough.  Thank you for your graciousness, thank you for standing by us, and thank you for helping us to take a stand against FirstEnergy.

System Local 102, Branch Local 180 Members & Families

March 4, 2014

Governor Hopeful Rob McCord Visits the Altoona Picket Line


Rob McCord, who is running for the Governor of Pennsylvania, stopped by the picket line on his way to Harrisburg to speak with workers that have been locked out since just before Thanksgiving.  UWUA System Local 102 Branch Local 180 workers were locked out of their Penelec jobs on November 25 after  FirstEnergy’s “last, best, final offer” was rejected over concerns regarding imposed concessions in retiree pensions, medical benefits, and working condition issues.

Negotiations have been at a standstill despite hazardous weather and power outages prevalent this winter season.

For more information, visit UWUA System Local 102 Branch 180

February 3, 2014

Over 34 Unions Stand United with Locked Out Utilty Workers in Altoona



altoonarally-12Hundreds of people showed up in Altoona on February 1st to stand with Utility Workers Union of America System Local 102 Branch 180 on the picket line. Talk about a morale booster! It was a beautiful sight watching members from over thirty four unions stand up together against corporate greed!

The employees have been locked out of Penelac/First Energy since November 2013. To learn more visit the UWUA System Local 102 Banch 180 Facebook page or

Penelec workers locked out of their jobs since Nov. 25 drew support Saturday morning during an outdoor rally where union representatives urged them not to give up.

altoonarally-14“This is awesome,” Utility Workers Union of America Chapter President Ben Wilkinson of Local 102 said after he stepped on top of a plastic bin, making him high enough to see the crowd of 300 to 400 people.

“The solidarity in the city, in this area, is tremendous,” Wilkinson said. “And we’re all sticking together. You have no idea what it means to myself and all our members who are standing out there.”

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