WaPo: UWUA National President Urges Lawmakers to Support Carbon Capture

Washington Post: Letters to the Editor - Opinion - What addressing the climate will require

What addressing the climate will require

Washington Post – Letters to the Editor

The way we generate electricity today is fundamentally changing. Accordingly, as we look to the United States’ energy future, we must spend as much time planning for how current energy-sector workers will navigate this shift as we do for those coming online in renewable-energy sectors including wind and solar. Coal-fired power plants are often in places where they are the best source of family-supporting jobs for miles around.

The challenges these workers face in seeking new, equivalent employment ranges from difficult to nearly insurmountable. In many instances, technology enabling the large-scale decarbonization of coal-fired power plants holds the potential to change the economics of that and other energy-intensive industries.

We urge lawmakers to fully explore these kinds of options because, where change is inevitable, the need to mitigate the damage to workers and communities is of the utmost importance.

UWUA National President, D. Michael Langford 

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