UWUA Local 18007 Business Manager Receives Award for Outstanding Service to Veterans

Business Manager, National Executive Board Member, and USN Veteran Rick Passarelli Received an award from Teamsters

On March 21st, Local 18007 Business Manager, National Executive Board Member and USN Veteran Rick Passarelli received an award from Teamsters General President James P. Hoffa, General Barton, and Colonel Adam Rocke. The award honored Passarelli for the work that he, Local 18007 and the Utility Workers Union of America has conducted on behalf of veterans.

In his efforts to bolster the UWUA’s Utility Worker Military Assistance Program—a pioneering initiative offering veterans a pathway to careers in the utility industry (UMAP)—Passarelli has secured over a dozen supportive service partners including Road Home, Inner voice, CFL, Cook County Workforce Board, Easterseals Dixon Center, Women for Wounded Warriors, CEWD, Veterans in Energy, Vote Vets, Soldier for Life, and Marine for Life.

This award honors Passarelli’s efforts toward the recruitment and graduation of over 335 veterans through the UMAP program, as well as those on behalf of Local 18007.