E&E News: Industry to EPA: We want rule ‘fixed, not just gone’

Some industry representatives are urging U.S. EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt to pursue a limited set of regulations on greenhouse gases

Industry has delivered a clear message to the Trump administration during a series of recent closed-door meetings: Don’t completely gut the Obama-era Clean Power Plan.

To be sure, leading industry associations are pushing White House and U.S. EPA officials to drastically roll back the landmark climate change rule. They’re advocating a new approach that still limits power plants’ emissions but is narrower than the one envisioned by President Obama’s team.

The heavy-hitting U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the National Association of Manufacturers advocated an “inside-the-fence” approach to power plant regulations during a July meeting with the Office of Management and Budget and EPA staff, they told E&E News. Critics of the Obama rule have argued that it overstepped by allowing emissions reductions “outside the fence line” of coal-fired power plants.

“We were trying to also lay the foundation for what we think would be an acceptable replacement rule because we want to see this rule fixed, not just gone forever,” Ross Eisenberg, vice president of energy and natural resources policy with NAM, said in an interview.

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