In Memoriam

Officers Report 2015, Part 21

What we have done for ourselves alone dies with us. What we have done for others and the world remains and is immortal.

As we begin our 30th Constitutional Convention, we pause to remember all of our brothers and sisters who have passed away, and in particular, those who have left us since we last convened four years ago. We come together to share our sorrow and to bid farewell to our brothers and sisters. We recall the blessing of their lives. We remember all that was good and true in their lives, and the precious memories which shall endure.

We pay homage to those who died from work-related hazards, diseases or accidents. They have made the ultimate sacrifice. In their memory, we renew our commitment to do all that we can to make the workplace safer.

We recall our brothers and sisters with affection. We are thankful for the example of their lives, for the companionship and solidarity with them, for the cherished memories and the undying inspiration they leave behind.

In solemn testimony to that unbroken faith which links the generations one to another, we mourn them all.

UWUA Remembers Former Leaders

Since the 2011 Constitutional Convention, the UWUA has been saddened by the deaths of former National Vice President Joseph Flaherty, Region II Director Frederick Ricker, Region IV Director Elewyn Pletcher, Region V Director Bernardo Garcia, and Executive Board members Michael Coughlin, Tina Haynes, and Wes Overly.

Michael J. Coughlin

Mike started working for the Cleveland Electric Illuminating Company in the Overhead Lines Department in 1952. He progressed to the trouble line mechanic position in 1969, after many years as a journeyman.

Mike became active as a chief job steward in Local 270 in 1960 after a Union Counselor’s class at Fenn College. He was elected to the local’s Executive Board in 1965, and served as both chief job steward and Executive Board member until 1969, when he was elected treasurer. Four years later, he became vice president, and two years later, became Cleveland Division chairman. In 1979, Mike was elected president of Local 270, a position he held until he retired in December 1993. Mike also served as a member of the National Executive Board from 1980 until his retirement.

Interviewed in 1992, Mike said, “It has been my extreme pleasure to be involved in the tremendous improvements gained by the Utility Workers over the last 40 years.”

Mike died on May 7, 2013, leaving behind his wife of 58 years, Shirley, and a family that included eight surviving children, twenty grandchildren, and four great-grandchildren.

Joseph F. Flaherty

Joe began his career with Con Edison in 1967 as an outside plant mechanic splicer’s helper in Manhattan Underground. He became a splicer in 1970 and remained in Manhattan until 1973, when he was assigned to Central Construction as an extra-high voltage splicer covering the five boroughs and Westchester County. He worked in this capacity until September 1990, when he was appointed as Local 1-2’s legislative director. In 1991, Joe became president of the local, and in July 1991 he was elected business manager, then the highest elected position in the local. Local 1-2 President James Slevin had this to say: “Joe Flaherty has made a major impact on the members of Local 1-2. This impact was felt not only during his time as the principal officer of the local, but continues in the present and, I am sure, will continue into the future. Joe has and always will be a Great Mentor and Union Brother. I am proud to have called him a friend.”

Joe’s service to the National Union included being elected as a National Executive Board member in October 1992, and national vice president in 1999.

Joe died on November 28, 2013, leaving behind his wife, Sheila, three children, and two grandchildren.

Bernardo Garcia

Bernie started working at Southern California Edison Company in 1980 as a maintenance electrician at the San Onofre Nuclear Power Plant. He joined Local 246 the day he was hired, and in less than a year, was elected to the local’s Executive Board as the unit chairman for San Onofre. Bernie moved up through the ranks, serving as steward, chief steward, trustee, financial secretary, safety & research director, and, eventually, business agent, Local 246’s chief officer. After working for several years as an organizer for the National Union in Region V, Bernie was appointed to the position of national representative in 1995, and promoted to senior national representative in 1996. In 1997, Bernie was appointed regional director, a position he held until 2009. Also in 1997, Bernie was elected to the National Executive Board, and he served several terms.

Bernie died on July 31, 2013, leaving behind his wife, Vanessa, and two sons.

Tina Haynes

A graduate of the University of South Carolina at Frances Marion, Tina worked for California American Water Company for more than 30 years, most recently as a production specialist. During that time, she served as trustee and vice president, and was then elected president of Local 511 in 1991, a position she held until her death. Tina was elected to the National Executive Board at the 2011 convention.

Tina will be remembered for her toughness, resilience, and determination to speak the truth on behalf of working men and women everywhere. She brought people together whatever their sex, color, creed, or race. Tina died on December 25, 2012, leaving behind her husband, Carl, and a stepson.

Lloyd Wesley Overly

Wes began his employment with the Ohio Edison Company in 1957 in the Overhead Line Department. During his years in the department, he worked in all classifications, and eventually as a troubleman at the Youngstown Division. He worked for the company for more than 40 years.

Wes first became active in Local 118 in 1961, and at various times held the office of vice president, recording secretary, and then president of the local. In addition, Wes served for a number of years as secretary-treasurer of the Ohio Edison Joint Council, and became its chairman in 1971. Later, he served two terms as vice president of the Region III Retirees.

Wes served two separate terms on the National Executive Board, being first elected in 1977, and then again in 1987. He was involved in organizing campaigns at the Indianapolis Power and Light Company, the Springfield Plant of Ohio Edison, and the B.E. Mansfield Plant of Pennsylvania Power Company.

Wes died on March 17, 2014, leaving behind his wife, Joyce, five children, nine grandchildren, and one great-grandchild.

Elewyn C. Pletcher

Elewyn began his employment with Consumers Power Company in 1950 in the Gas Distribution Department, and he worked a short period in the Gas Customer Service Department. His employment was interrupted by a tour of duty in the Seabees of the United States Navy.

Upon his return to employment, Elewyn became active in Local 119 at Flint, Michigan, where he served for a number of years as department steward, sergeant-at-arms and, eventually, president. While serving as president of the local, he also held the office of vice president, and then secretary-treasurer of the Michigan State Utility Workers Council. In 1972, Elewyn was elected president of the council. During this time, he also served as an Executive Board member of the Michigan State AFL-CIO.

He was first elected to the National Executive Board in 1973. In 1977, he was appointed Region IV director. He retired from both positions in 1991. Elewyn died on February 16, 2014, leaving behind five children, ten grandchildren, and eight great-grandchildren. He was preceded in death by his wife, Carolyn.

Frederick J. Ricker

Fred was a member of the UWUA for 42 years, and had a long history of service. He was elected to the office of secretary-treasurer of System Local 102, and then was elected system president in 1981. He held this position until he was appointed a UWUA national representative in 1986. Fred was promoted to the position of Region II regional Director in 1991, and served in that capacity until his retirement in 2001. Fred served on the UWUA National Executive Board during two different stretches of time – 1983-1987 and 1995-2001.

Fred was very active in the labor community and chaired the Washington/ Greene County Central Labor Council. In addition, he was well known across the State of Pennsylvania for his political activities, and chaired the Washington County Democratic Party.

When Fred retired, then-President Don Wightman commented, “Fred has been a constant source of inspiration and solidarity for all of us. He served the local unions and members of Region II with steadfastness, professionalism, integrity and compassion. He will be sorely missed.”

Fred died on March 10, 2012, leaving behind two sons and four grandchildren. He was preceded in death by his wife, Becky.

Region I Members In Memoriam

Local 1-2, New York
Local 1-2 (cont’d)
Luis Acevedo
Ruth Rivera
Robert Aguirre
Etta Robinson
Edward Alpert
Leonard Rocci
Yvette Amill
Anibal Rodriguez
John Anderson
Jose Rodriguez
Mark Andrus
Luis Rodriguez
Michael Anelli
John Rose
Joseph Angiuli
Juan Ruiz
Efrain Arroyo
Albert Salerno
Mario Aversa
Lorraine Salgado
Arthur Bak
Jose Santiago
Ramcharan Balkaran
William Savage
Edward Baymack
Ralph Scelzo
Arthur Becker
Vincent Schottler
Al Bellamy
David Schwarcz
Brian Bennett
Robert Seta
Johnny Bennett
George Shea
Joseph Bieniewicz
Brendan Sheahan
Richard Bieniewicz
Albert Shein
Eric Bilgore
Deearl Shields
Isaac Blanchard
Ji Won Shin
Vincent Bloise
Frank Silletti
Stephen Bohen
James Simmons
Salvatore Bologna
Eddie Sims
Suzanne Briggs
Gerard Sinclair
Harold Brodsky
Danny Singh
Oscar Brown
Nancy Sosa
George Bruggeman
Joseph Sparacio
Vincent Busardo
Stephen Spina
Gerard Bush
Gerald Sroka
Julio Butler
Gerard Steele
Salvatore Buttiglieri
Jay Stevens
Robert Callanan
John Sullivan
Freida Campbell
Robert Sullivan
Anthony Caporale
Barry Sussman
Paul Carabba
Leroy Sylvester
Frank Carbonaro
Charles Thacker
David Caro
Robert Thater
Carlos Carrero
Sampson Thomas
Robert Carroll
Kenneth Thompson
Anthony Castellano
Jean Thornley
Patricia Casucci
Stephen True
Daniel Catalano
Kenneth Tuifel
Joseph Chabus
George Turner
Zina Chee
Santo Uzzo
Lun-Lee Chin
Lennox Victor
Anthony Cirillo
Frank Vigna
James Clark
Efrain Villa
Roger Clark
Nic Visconti
Barbara Clarke
Alfred Vitale
Kenneth Clarke
Anthony Vlasaty
Samuel Clarke
Carlton Waite
Joseph Cobert
Tom Weathers
Roger Collins
Charlie Webster
Dominic Contrada
Adrian Wheeler
Joseph Costanzo
Eugene Whitney
David Cotter
Earl Williams
Eugene Crenshaw
Kevin Wilson
Ignacio Cruz
Kevin Wingfield
Donald Cuomo
Richard Wozniak
Daniel Curcio
Rickie Yankow
Alexander David
Chuck Yee
Antone Davis
William Young
Dee Dee
Steven Zajac
Eusebio Del Valle
Local 355, New York
Thomas Delcielo
Eileen Brand
Keith Dewar
Charles Triano
Louis Digilio
Local 365, New York
George Dillman
Henry Salley
Gene Dilorenzo
Local 369, Massachusetts
George Doherty
Patrick A. Adams
Armand Dominello
Francis T. Agoslino
James Dong
Susan J. Ahern
Robert Donohue
Noel E. Almeida
William Dory
Norman T. Arthur
Thomas Draffin
Charles A. Belliveau Jr.
Gregory Edwards
John M. Boran
Paul Edwards
John E. Bracken
Richard Elston
John S. Bray
James Evans
Robert L. Brown
Dennis Fahey
Robert A. Bruce
Manuel Falu
Thomas J. Burke
Christopher Fanning
John T. Calter
Martin Farrell
Edward S. Cody
William Farrell
John J. Congdon
Steven Favata
Edward J. Coughlin Sr.
Alfred Ferrara
Jeremiah Coughlin
Thomas Ferrara
Eileen Coviello
Robert Fesko
Maureen K. Cox
German Figueroa
Robert Downs
Joseph Fino
Paul Dubois
Joseph Flaherty
Charles H.Dwyer
-Past Business Manager
John Ellis
Alfred Florio
William X. Feney
Lawrence Flynn
Carl D. Higginbottom
Ruben Fontanez
William R. Higgins
Ronald Fonte
John J. Hurley
Ezekiel Forbes
Edward Jolley
Geary Forcell
Rodd S. Jones
Carlos Francois
Robert P. Jordan Sr.
Maureen Gagliano-Porzelt
George J. Latta
Patrick Ganley
Peter Lazzarino
Vincent Germino
William H. Linskey
Kevin Geruldsen
Cosmos C. Lucfeziano
Larrine Gholston
Vincent P. Magnatta
Jeff Goldman
Richard F. Mahoney Sr.
Edward Goode
Edmund Marks
Gerard Goodwin
Local 365, New York
Henry Graham
Thomas McCann
Roy Greaux
William McDermott
Gerard Greenleaf
Clyde “Fred” McEnroe
Ermidio Grus
Joseph B. McHugh
Wayne Hack
Robert McKenna Jr.
Charles Haggerty
James McStravick
Winston Hamlin
Shaun M. Nee
Michael Hansel
George F. Neumeier
William Hardoman
Matthias O’Malley
Patricia Haupt
Patrick H. O’Toole
David Henson
Leo Page
Harry Hewski
William Patterson
Warren Hillman
Scott D. Place
Henry Hills
Michael P. Prendergas
Leonard Hoffman
Mark Richard
Michael Hojnacki
John J. Riley
Emel Holder
Keith T. Ryan Jr.
Brian Howell
Kathleen Sheehan
Donald Hunt
William Stinchfield Jr.
Joseph Hurson
James W. Thompson
Stephen Ierome
Angel L. Tollen
Anthony Infantino
Charles R. Willett
Jason Ingram
Richard F. Withington
Louis Isolda
Local 393, New York
Mark Jackson
Patricia Behr
Alonzo James
Joseph Bergmann
Clive Johnson
Brian Coffey
Robert Johnson
Berhard Donnelly
George Jones
Mary Feeney
Vincent Joyce Jr.
Marguerite Felice
James Kane
Robert Heck
Paul Kelly
Andrew Jerome
George Kern
Irene Jordan
Harvey Keveson
James Kelly
James Klein
Kenneth Key
Karl Kotash Jr.
Harold Leslie Jr.
David Kreutzberg
Robert Lippencott
Joseph Kroll
Michael Mini
Kevin Krudis
Ronald Monsell
John Lacey
Richard Morpurgo
Frank Lamalfa
Salvatore Olivotti
Douglas Lander
Saverio Piccirillo
Peter Lane
Joan Rains
Shawn Laughinghouse
Louis Rossano
John Lebron
Anne Ruetter
Adeline Leconte
Charles Seerveld
Janice Lee
Adrienne Smoker
Robert Lewin
Yolanda Weiss
Charles Lewis
Roy Wentisch
Charles Lindhamer
Local 395, New Jersey
William Loonie
Clark Wright
Robert Lorelle
Local 409, New Jersey
Thomas Loughran
Bruce Hummer
Chilung Lucas
Roger Shriver Jr.
Harry Lund
Local 470-1, Connecticut
John Lynn
John Agapito
Michael Maguire
Richard Becker
Robert Mann
Lenny Guerrera
Joseph Maranzano
Lillian Martinez
Joseph Marchetti
James McCarroll
John Marecich
James Murray
Claude Martin
Ronald Vichiola
Lamont Martinez
Gerry Waterman
Anthony Mascia
Local 601, New Jersey
Randy Maximciuc
Damon Hill
Arthur Mazurkiewicz
Arleen Jacobson
John McCabe
Mark Kiszkiel
Fabian McCallum
Louis Ostrow
Edward McDonagh
Christine Tina Petruzzelli
Jeffrey McDonald
Robert Tanealian
Robert McElduff
Tianza Winkey
Edward McEnerney
Michael Wojciehowski
James McGovern
Local B310, Rhode Island
Irene Medina
Edward “Jumpball” Alexander
Maria Mendez
Gilbert Andersen
Raymond Mercado
Edgar Bailey Jr.
Randy Merlino
Nick Barricelli
Victor Michael
John Bezak
Raymond Middleton
John Brennan
Robert Miller
Ed Buco
Thomas Miller
James Butler
Owen Mills
Joe Carroll
Dolores Mirra
Howard Chadwick
Aziz Mohammed
Alice Christe
Raymond Mondone
Bob Conklin
Jose Monserrate
Ed Czyzewicz
Vincent Mori
William L. Ducharme Sr.
Joseph Morici
Kevin Dugan
Eugene Morris
John Dwyer
Harold Moses
Paul Eccleston
Walter Mulligan
Bob Farrow
Irma Munoz
Pat Freeman
James Murphy
Jim Grimshaw
John Murphy
Richard Grycell
Paul Mussi
Donald Hammond
Rampadarath Nanhoo
Austin Handy
Robert Nealy
Francis “Fra” Henry
Angel Negron Jr.
Joseph Hom
Stephen Nickolas
Michael Igoe
Kenneth Nixon
Adolph Littlefield
Edward Nolen
Charlie Maloney
Thomas O’Connor
Margie Mancini
Arsen Oganesian
John “Jack” McElroy
Robert Olivieri
John McGarry
Thomas Olson
Leo McGovern
William O’Neill
Ed McLaughlin
Richard Oraschin
Ed Medeiros
Janet O’Sullivan
Pete Mellon
Peter Palamara
-Past Treasurer
Frank Palazzo
Ray Morin
Ralph Pennella
Edward Mullaney Jr.
Angelo Pepe
Richard Murphy
Samuel Phillips
William Murphy
Richard Piovesan
John “Jay” O’Connor
John Polizoto
Charlie Park
Richard Pollet
Eugene Paul
Francisco Porras
Edward “Teddy” Reali
Michael Procida
Charlie Reynolds
Dominick Provino
John Robbins
Lauren Przybocki
Ed Ryan
Patrick Quinlan
Mauro Della Selva
Abdel Rasheed
George Smith III
Edward Rayner
William “Bill” Stratton
John Rayzer
Irwin Talbot
Darryl Regan
Ed Ventetuolo
Steven Reichenthal
Shelley Walmsley
Rene Reyes
-Past Recording Secretary
John Rigley
Craig “Babe” Wilson
Wendy Rios
Donald Wood
Don Rivera
William Yorkery
Joseph Rivera
-Past BUW Council Rep
Manuel Rivera

Region II Members In Memoriam

Local 102, Multiple States
Local 304, West Virginia
Gary Cole
Ned Johnson
Joe Fannin
Local 433, Pennsylvania
Edward Fike
Charles Appman
William Garrity
Daniel Camino
Richard Gianotti
Howard Carter
Gary Gray
Gregory Cianchetti
Wayne Gumbert
Donald Debold
Joseph Hallman
Edward Degener
Pete Henry
Gerald Fabbio
Carl Johnson
Orlando Ferrari
Herb King
Ernest Gigliotti
Arley Lincoln
Mary Golden
Don McCune
Edward Greenwald
Bill Nicklow
James Kelly
Mark Onipuk
Edward Kinslow
AI Schock
Michael Lippiello
David Spaugy
William Macaul
Richard Stambaugh
Richard McKinney
-Past President, Local 331
Harry Moran
Keith Verbosky
Paul N akonezny
Russell Westlock
Maurice O’Connor
Harold Williamson
Teresa Oswald
Frank Wise
Michael Pail
Jack Yeager
Angelo Petraglia
Local 164, Pennsylvania
Walter Sutcavage
Rodney Andrekanic
Dominic Verlato
John Charlton
Charles Wesley
Emanuel Fallavollitti
William Yank
-Past President
Edward Zezinka
Evelyn Flock
Local 489, Pennsylvania
Zane Frund
Dave Pinnacle
Kenneth Heasley
Local 509, Pennsylvania
William Lakin
Regis Tabacheck
James Loughner
Local 575, Pennsylvania
Valencia Lyle
James Flanagan
William Petrosky
William Stevenson
John Tokarcik
Frank Tylka

Region III Members In Memoriam

Local 102, Multiple States
Local 175, Ohio
Gary Cole
Steven Allen
Joe Fannin
Travis D. Asher Jr.
Edward Fike
James David Askren
William Garrity
Donna J. Baker
Richard Gianotti
Richard M. Beard
Gary Gray
Robert L. Bishop
Wayne Gumbert
Donald L. Black
Joseph Hallman
David Lee Blair
Pete Henry
John Blankenship Jr.
Carl Johnson
Rita W. Bowser
Herb King
James E. Boyd Sr.
Arley Lincoln
Thomas A. Boyd
Don McCune
TebaM. Cain
Bill Nicklow
Bradley K. Cannon
Mark Onipuk
Stephen H. Carroll
AI Schock
Harry Edward Caudill
David Spaugy
Dennis B. Collins
Richard Stambaugh
Herbert J. Conley
-Past President, Local 331
Charles R. Cooper
Keith Verbosky
Lance A. Copas
Russell Westlock
Tom A. Copeland
Harold Williamson
Philip Wayne Copsey
Frank Wise
Harvey H. Creech
Jack Yeager
Richard E. Darding
Local 164, Pennsylvania
Margaret C. Dillon
Rodney Andrekanic
Darrell L. Duke
John Charlton
Lawrence E. Dunning
Emanuel Fallavollitti
Jethrow J. Ellington Jr.
-Past President
Lawrence R. Elson
Local 116, Ohio
Jack W. Engle
Ted Burns
Robert Frederick Fields
Larry Hill
William B. Fleckenstein
Bernard Sharrock
Nancy L. Franklin
Sam Stotler
Theodore Junior Frazier
Del Swaggert
Michael K. Gabbard
Gene Tinlin
Robert J. Gagnon
Craig Washburn
Stephen B. Garner
Local 126, Ohio
Leonard F. “Geppy” Gephart
John Antol
Jeffrey Ray Hamilton
Chuck Eddy
William Robert Hare
Clyde Green
Stephen K. Hatton
Jim Heffelman
MichaelS. Hawley Sr.
Chuck Lewis
Bobby G. Henderson
Stanley Miller
Robert E. Hendrickson
Arpad Nagy
Richard E. Hurley
Perry Ware
Paul Jefferson
Tyrone Ware
Beloid Johnson
Steve Whited
Clarence R. “Russ” Jones
Local 270, Ohio
Joseph C. Kestella
Charles E. Baldwin
George B. Kincer
Al Barbie
Carl L. Knipp
Thomas R. Billman
Emerson E. “Gene” Kress
Philip D. Bliss
Jennifer K. Kromer
-Past Divisional Officer
Sylvester 0. Lacy
Daniel R. Bobak
Carles B. Lewis
Daniel C. Boerner
Leroy G. “Jake” Lewis
Walter D. Carle
Wallace M. Lewis
David E. Church
Paul Eugene Lindsey Jr.
John W. Dziak Sr.
Gertrude Lommerse
Mark Erkkila
Harry E. Lutz
-Past Chief Job Steward
Donald L. Lynch
Robert M. Frazee
Ida E. McCoy
Richard M. Greene
Jerry V. Minnich
Bobby J. Herring
Michel L. Mitchell
Daniel G. Jekutis
Gary Wayne Muncie
Paul R. Keller
Todd R. Murphy
Neal A. Kellogg
John E. “Jack” Nye
-Past Chief Job Steward
Harold E. “Butch” Orr
Edward L. Law
Carl E. Packett
Glenn B. Overfield
Harry T. Pendleton
Ralph E. Portzer
Stephen J. Penny
Jerry L. Post
Arno Phenix
Floid Richard Jr.
Donald E. Plummer
James C. “Jim” Schibetta
John “Jack” Plymire
Kenneth L. Sisson
Billy Gene Poff
Robert A. Verhotz
Alvin Powell
Michael P. Walsh
David R. Purdon
Joseph F. White
John T. Robbins
John B. Winnyk
Scott Rose Jr.
Russell Yankie
Solomon Rose
Local 296, Ohio
Jeffrey Rowland
Chuck Faulk
WilliamS. Russell
-Past Treasurer
John D. Saylor
Local 425, Ohio
Bobby Gene Seals
Michael J. Schriner
Fillmore Sexton
Local 430, Ohio
William E. Shepherd
Rick Blankenship
Ronald L. Shinkle
Willard Blankenship
Don L. Smith
Robert E. Burton
Norman E. Southard
Robert G. Davis
William “Bill” Stavis
-Past President
Frank Swank
Pearl Edwards
Barbara G. Taylor
Charles Fields
William W. Thomas Sr.
Everrett Michael
P. Elaine Tipton
Lawrence Plants
Eunice C. Tobe
Charles Pyles
Paul L. Tolliver
James Raines
James Owen West
Local 600, Kentucky
Ray N. Wilcox
Mitzi Barker
Jessie Paul Williams
Donna Bezold
Walter J. Wirrig
Prather Blackmon
Jake Woods
-Past Representative
Lee McDonald Wright Jr.
Marsha Burston
Rev. Wallace McArthur Wright Jr.
Diane Caple
Galen P. Young
Don Klass
Robert L. Zell
Deborah Mays
Gary Ollier
Betty Ridley

Region IV Members In Memoriam

Local 101, Michigan
Local 123, Michigan (cont’d)
Dan Bannan
Joseph Schueller
Clyde Beck
David Smith
Sam Beck
Harold Smith
Dick Bowser
Gregory W. Stevens
Jim Bryson
Richard Tennant
Dave Burley
Brue Thelen
Jeff Creel
Ed Thelen
Don Cutting
Richard Thelen
Bob Hill
Brian Watkins
Billy Hinkle
Local 124, Michigan
Dale Lovitt
Lloyd Cogswell
Ralph Newbill
Dave Patterson
Wayne Olney
Local 223, Michigan
Floyd Osterhout
Chauncy McHargue
George Parkinson
Meter Division:
James Sineman
Stanley Allen
Ed Slayton
Motor Transportation:
Willard Tansley
Vince Bartolo
Bob Taylor
Barney Doyle
Local 104, Michigan
Ray Hartman
Ernie Allen
Rich Maier Sr.
-Past President
Sldp Rathnaw
-Past MSUWC Vice President
Bill Taylor
-Past Saginaw Central Labor Council Officer
Power Generation:
Don Bell
Stephen Campbell
Bob Branch
William Harris Jr.
Ed Challenger
Frank Kimberlin
Dave Felsing
Rainer Kortgoede
Sidney Franklin
Robert Kowaleski
Gene Guthrie
John Latray
Dennis Keyes
Michael Legaj
Karl Litzner
Edward Lozowski
-Past President
George Stockwell
Ed Mahoney
John Therrian
Fred Mahoney
Transmission Trades:
Kathy Rubis
Martin “Mike” Beer
Dean Somerfield
Richard Betts
Local 105, Michigan
David Borowicz
Dave Armstrong
Dean Carrico
Les Benson
Lester Howey
Ernest Bondy
Terrance 0′ Connor
Hogan Bonham
Ricardo Rinconeno
Ed Carcallo
-Founding Steward
Delmar Case
Forest White III
Richard Daignault
-Founding Committee Person
Karl Dale
Underground Lines:
James Dowedite
Dave Maxwell
Sharon Hess
Scott Jurey
Sam Pennick
Michael Kosticak
Benny Sasser
John Krauskoss
-Past Divisional Treasurer
Ron McCrumb
Albert Vultagio
Charles Mouch
Philipo Vultagio
Paul Perry
Local 257, Michigan
William Schroder
George Ulrich
Richard Lererenz Senior
Local 337, Michigan
William Smith
Lawrence E. Nieboer
Kaye Spencer
Tony Tanner
Gordy Tagney
Local 347, Michigan
Clifford Thompson
James Ault
Lorenzo Turner
Charles O’Rourke
Diana Urbanack
Local 388, Michigan
Lee Vinson
Ronald Bacon
Local 107, Michigan
Mel Dalman
Kenneth J. Boelema
Irene Demarco
Thomas L. Fox
Ted James
Gilford E. Hockey Jr.
Thomas Jenkins
Steve A. Janicki
John Lemke
Hugo F. Kiefer
Allen Rohloff
Andrew Kommer Jr.
Robert Smead
Donald E. Lowing
Allen Steffen Sr.
Robert K. McGrath
Dale Timmer
Lewis W. Salisbury
Julius Tipple
William L. Sheckler
Robert Vandenbelt
William C. Spicer
Jim VanSlooten
William R. Squires
Dale Zufelt
Isadore M. Staskewicz
Local 413, Michigan
Jerry A. Urbanski
Ron Allen
Jacob Van Vels
Florian Jurzak
John W. Walstrom
Frank Katanski
Burton A. Welmers
-Past President
Frederick J. Westmaas
-Past Secretary-Treasurer
Karl J. Wheaton
Antonio Marra
Walace F. Wheeler
Herman Ubbenjams
William J. Winters
Local 500, Illinois
Jerry A. Zoet
John “Lightning” Davidson
Local 123, Michigan
Local 542, Michigan
Adelbert Austin
John Barcia
Ken Bliessener
-Past Vice President
Paul A. Campeau
Jerry L. Moore
William Chapman
-Past President
Ron Clark
Grey Poznel
Jack Comrie
-Past Steward
Rodney Culy
Lynn Schafer
Don Gailey
-Past President
Arnold Heinze
Local 18007, Illinois
Rolland Heiser
Joseph A. Curtis
Lynn Miller
Antoine Hogan
Ward Orr
Brian Loebbaka
Stanley Pung
Frank J. Ranalli
James Rademacher
Byron C. Wallace
Leon Schmitt

Region V Members In Memoriam

Local 127, Wyoming
Local 160-D, California
Terry Bragg
Tom Husa
Mike Davis
Tom Hutchinson
Darrel Hemberry
Dennis O’ Kelley
Debra Hokanson
Steve Parker
Ira Willis
Local 246, California
Virginia Bauer
Local 132, California
Ward Burris
Debra Bose
Wayne Cameron
Brian Collins
Danny Kelly
Kimberly Fonseca
Eugenio Lopez
Dana Hightree-Gonzalez
John Yates
Robert M. Johnson
Local 259, California
Guillermo Willie Landeros
Jim Kaiser
Bruce Marble
Kevin Waltrip
Cesar Melchor
Local 522, California
Andre Mitchell
Joseph R. Brown
Susan Ellen Moore
Willie A. Bush
Albert Orozco
Todd Lawrence House
Reuben Reyes
Terry Hurt
Sai Scott
Anthony Roman
Ronald Williams
Richard Wimmer
Curtis Witt
Haden Zane