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Officers Report 2015, Part 20

Since July 2011, the UWUA Communications Team focuses on a long-range strategic communication plan: utilizing electronic media to deliver union news and information to the membership in “real time.” The Utility Worker quarterly magazine is a valuable resource to distribute UWUA-focused news. The UWUA.net website has evolved into a popular outlet for obtaining union news, and is the backbone for posting UWUA communications.

The team has also focused on the popular weekly “UWUA E-News Alert” email newsletter, which is sent out to more than 10,000 subscribers each week. Calls to action via email, known as “UWUA E-Action Alerts,” are sent out to share petitions and rally information to specific regions.

UWUA locals are often engaged in conversations and sharing realtime news posted on the social media outlets. The UWUA and UWUA Power for America’s Facebook pages have grown significantly over the last four years. UWUA’s Facebook page gains new fans daily with many posts reaching an audience of more than 40,000 people. The UWUA twitter account is also growing, with tweets frequently reaching an audience of 10,000. UWUA videos, news and pictures are also available on the UWUA Google+ Page and YouTube Channel. A strong circle of solidarity exists with labor allies and unions around the world, thanks to social media efforts.

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